OMG! Abhirami says ‘OK’, Mugen ‘Wait’ mode for a film offer?

It happens often that soon after the ‘Bigg Boss’ season, many producers and directors want to encash the fever by signing the celebrities, who took part in the show. It was evident with Oviya, Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson in the first season followed by Aishwarya, Yashika and Mahat in second season. This time, it’s much more huge as almost all the contestants are being benefitted. While Saravanan despite being evicted halfway from the show has been given a big job by Tamil Nadu Government involving the film industry, Losliya will be soon seen hosting some Vijay TV shows or at least as an actress in some serial.

Kavin has signed couple of movies and so happens to be Abhirami Iyer. Now it is said that a debut filmmaker has approached both Bigg Boss 3 Title winner ‘Mugen’ and Abhirami Iyer to play lead roles in a Rom-Com film. While Abhirami has given a nod, Mugen hasn’t gone for any abrupt decisions.