Now, travel in Chennai Metro till midnight

Chennai Metro Rail has extended its services. From today,  Metro Train Passenger service will commence from Morning 4:30 Hrs to night 23:00 Hrs. According to an official release, the first train from Airport Metro, Washermenpet Metro, St Thomas Mount Metro and Central Metro terminals will be at 4:30 Hours and Last train from above Terminals shall be at 23:00 Hrs.

The frequency of train services shall be every half hour from 4:30 hours to 6:00 Hrs in the morning and from 22:00 Hrs to 23:00 Hours at night. The headway during peak hours from 8:00 Hrs to 11:00 Hrs in the morning and 5:00 Hrs to 8:00 Hrs in the evening will be 5 minutes. The other times will be Non-peak hours of 7 minutes as operated currently.

The above extension of timings is from Monday - Saturday only. Existing time table will be followed for Sunday with train services commencing at 07:58 Hrs to 22:01 Hrs.