New York moving over Omicron peak as cases fall

New York City Health Department data has shown "very high transmission" of Covid-19 across the city, with thousands of new cases being detected every day, Xinhua news agency reported, citing a leading news site of New York City.

However, Covid-19-related infections and hospitalizations have begun to decline, signaling that the five boroughs of the city have passed the peak of the pandemic's biggest wave. Progress has been seen in the 7-day positivity rates across the five boroughs. Fifty-two areas reported 30 per cent or higher Covid-19 positivity between January 5 and 11, but no area of the city has rates exceeding 40 per cent.

During the previous week from December 29 to January 4, the city had 23 areas with 40 per cent or higher positivity rates. On January 14, the citywide 7-day positivity rate was 27.65 per cent, compared to 32.59 per cent on January 4.