New Covid cases drop below 100 in TN

Marking a significant milestone, Tamil Nadu recorded less than 100 new Covid cases on Sunday the first time since the new cases count crossed 100 on March 31, 2020. The State also had no pandemic deaths for the third consecutive day.

Though the third wave of the pandemic had peaked sharply to touch 30,744 cases on January 21, the fall was equally drastic to go down to just 95 cases on Sunday. Of the 38 districts, 13 had nil cases, 23 had them in single digits. Only Chennai and Coimbatore reported double-digit cases.

However, even as they are elated by this, senior officials like Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan are careful about not being complacent, pointing to the spurt in cases reported in countries like Hong Kong, China and Germany.

“We have to keep the monitoring and effective management as the priority. Vaccination coverage has to reach 100 per cent so that the population gains a certain point of immunity,” he said, noting that more than a lakh people are still due for the second dose.