New coronavirus cases in UK, Germany, Italy, Japan

Britain, Germany and Italy have announced more cases of the new virus from China, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Europe to 31.

In Germany, all but two cases are related to auto parts supplier Webasto, whose headquarters near Munich was visited by a Chinese colleague. Germany's 13th confirmed case of the new coronavirus, announced by Bavaria's health ministry, was the wife of an employee previously diagnosed with virus.Two of their children are among those infected. Neither they nor their mother are showing any symptoms. Germany's two other cases tested positive after arriving on an evacuation flight from China last weekend.

British authorities confirmed the country's third case, saying the patient did not contract the virus in the UK. They did not elaborate. 

The two other cases are a Chinese student studying at York University in England and a relative of that student.

Italy announced the first case of an Italian citizen confirmed to have the virus. A government health institute official, Giovanni Rezza, said the 34-year-old man contracted the virus in Wuhan, where he was living. The man was one of 56 Italians who arrived in Italy on Monday via an Italian air force plane that evacuated them from Wuhan.