Muslim women's of Washermanpet continue their Anti-CAA protest by fasting for the 14th day

Muslim community in Chennai, Washermanpet are constantly protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act, National Population Register and the National Citizen's Register. The protest which began on February 14 is still on live with same energy from youths and women's of the area. 

In this regard they started to keep fasting for more than 14hrs yesterday, which began at 4.30 AM and went on for nearly 14hrs without drinking water and eating any food. At 6.30 PM, fasting was opened and they ate porridge and fruits. 

Subsequently, slogans were raised against the central government.

More than 100 Muslim women have been protesting since December 22, demanding the repeal of the Citizenship Amendment Act on Decaster Road, Pulianthope. yesterday their struggle continued for the 6th day.