Modi interacts with TN BJP workers again, asks them to focus on first-time voters

Days after he dropped hints that the Bharatiya Janata Party would forge alliance with old partners in Tamil Nadu for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, during his interaction with booth level BJP workers in the State, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had another interaction with his party members in the state on Sunday. Asking them to focus on first-time voters, he said the BJP is here to serve the country whereas on the other side there are opportunistic alliance, dynastic parties. He came down heavily on opposition parties for their efforts to form a grand alliance against his party, and said opposition parties want to build their own empire but we want to empower people.

According to Modi, the alliance against the BJP is a 'short-term' one being done for the benefits of the respective parties, he said. "Unlike other parties, we are not in politics to divide and rule and for building vote-bank. We are here to serve the country in every way," he added. During his last week's interaction the PM said: "Strong NDA [National Democratic Alliance] is an article of faith for us. It is not a compulsion. Even when the BJP won a majority on its own, we preferred to run the government with our allies. We cherish our old friends and our doors are always open for parties. But more than political issues, the winning alliance is the alliance of the people."

"Twenty years ago, the visionary leader Atalji brought in a new culture in Indian politics that is, 'successful coalition politics'. He gave utmost importance to regional aspirations and the BJP has followed the way Atalji has shown us," he added.