Modi champions cause of Tamils in IIT convocation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said Tamil is now echoing in the United States. He was referring to his remarks in Tamil in his addresses during his US tour last week. Modi said he had pointed out that Tamil was an ancient language of the world.

In his address at the convocation ceremony of IIT Madras, Modi said, 'We are in the State of Tamilnadu, which has a special distinction. It is home to one of the oldest languages in the world- Tamil.'

Modi said he was happy to visit the State and was overwhelmed by the reception given to him. Speaking at the Singapore India Hackathon event in IIT Madras, he said he likes the hospitality of the Tamil people. 'I love idli, dosai and vadai,' he said. He further said the world has 'great expectations' from India, and  asserted his government will lead the country to a path of 'greatness' where it will be beneficial to the entire globe.

On his first visit to Tamilnadu after retaining power in this year's Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister reiterated his campaign against single-use plastic.