MK Stalin warns BJP on Thiruvalluvar statue row

DMK chief MK Stalin termed as Tamil betrayal the BJP's attempt to saffronise Tamil saint-poet Thiruvalluvar to grow the party in the State.

As reacting to a tweet by the BJP's TN unit where the image of poet-saint Thiruvalluvar in saffron dhoti with sacred ash on forehead and biceps was posted. Along with the image, a couplet by Thiruvalluvar questioning the use of education for a person if he/she doesn't pray at the god's feet was also posted.

Reacting to the tweet, Stalin said the BJP's attempts to saffronise Thiruvalluvar was 'Tamil betrayal'. Stalin told the BJP the colour would run off even if it was dyed several times. "Instead of dyeing, read Thirukkural and try to reform," Stalin advised.