Mirchi Shiva-Priya Anand ‘Sumo’ Trailer Review

After a long hiatus, Mirchi Shiva is back in action with his favourite genre of ‘Comedy’ through ‘Sumo’. Bankrolled by Dr. Ishari K Ganesh of Vels Film International, the film is directed by S.P. Hosimin and has cinematography handled by Rajiv Menon. The film has Shiva and Priya Anand In lead roles alongside Japanese Sumo Wrestler Yoshinori Tashiro. 

The trailer of this film is completely packed with lots and lots of fun and entertainment.  Especially, the sequences involving Shiva and Yoshinori tickled everyone’s funny bones with unlimited laughter, where it is all about the slapstick. 

In the beginning of trailer, we see Yoshinori being shot by a mafia in Japan and dragged into the sea. Over here in Tamil Nadu, Mirchi Shiva who plays a surfer comes across him and rescues him. Both soon get acquainted and it’s now up to Shiva unravel the hidden past of the Japanese guy and get him back into the wrestling court. 

The witty lines by VTV Ganesh and Yogi Babu turns to be yet another highlighting trait in this movie.