Minister Rajendra Balaji is the only bold person after Jayalalitha in AIADMK- Famous Director

AIADMK Minister Rajendra Balaji, who has warned that Islamists are responsible for the murder of BJP administrator and that Hindus can resort to violence and retaliation. The speech has caused a stir among Muslims. Many have expressed their opposition to such a speech.

In this case, the famous director Perarasu has praised Minister Rajendra Balaji as the brave person after Jayalalithaa in the AIADMK party.

Being a Hindu, the Perarasu has questioned whether it is right to speak Hinduism and support the other religion, He also said that it was good secularism in desperation.

Fisheries Minister Jayakumar said that Minister Rajendra Balaji's speech was his personal opinion and not that of the AIADMK party.