Market Raja MBBS Music Review

Bigg Boss fame Arav and Kavya Thappar are playing lead roles in ‘Market Raja MBBS’ directed by Saran. While the film is expected to be a great comeback for the director, the songs released this morning seem to be a pretty good positive sign. Let’s have a look into the musical analysis of Market Raja MBBS through Thandora Times Music Review. 

Singer: Sharanya Gopinath
Lyricist: Ku. Karthik 

The album opens with a trendy track ‘Bailamma’, which starts off on a slow paced melodious note and gets into a medium paced rhythmic zone. Simon K King has very well synchronized the voice and instrumentals together. Sharanya Gopinath has very well rendered the song and it will surely gain its impact through the visuals. 

Dha Dha
Singer: Simon K King
Lyrics:  Rokesh 

This happens to be the cherry pick of this album, which has already become an instant hit with its launch as single release. It is surely going to Simon K King’s next Chartbuster hit for there haven’t been any recent hits based on this genre. The way the song has been shot is going to be yet another highlighting plus for this number. 

Singers: Sanah Moidutty, Yazin Nizar
Lyricist: Dhamayanthi

The song maintains an uniformity in the rhythmic accompaniment and it is just okay for the first time you hear it. This might have  its realms with the visuals, but it’s quite a good effort from Simon and his team. 

Kanne Karuvizhiye
Singer: K S Chithra
Lyricist: Ku. Karthik

The album comes to an end with this mellifluous number crooned by KS Chitra and as we all know by just looking into the credits, she will definitely adds her golden touch to any songs she croons. This song just enlivens the emotional feel of listeners and it’s surely going to be a bigger element in the movie. Simon K King proves his proficiency in this melodious genre as well and the lyrical lines by Ku. Karthik is mesmerizing. 

On the whole, Market Raja MBBS arrives with a good effort from Simon K King. While ‘Dha Dha’ and ‘Kanne Karuvizhiye’ stands out to be instant attractions, it might take some more time for the other songs to get brewed, maybe with visuals. 

Verdict : Decently composed and appreciable effort by Simon K King

Rating : 3/5