Marana Mass Shows Mass In The United States

"America's Got Talent" has been aired on US private television for the past few years. The show is created to showcase many arts such as comedy, dance, and singing. And has been the most-watched show in the United States.

The event was attended by a recent dance troupe from India. On stage, Rajini starring Anirudh in the music of the band, which was released last year, the crew has been a dance to the song 'Marana Mass'. The energy level of the song is high even the judges standing up and clapping.

America's Got Talent shared the video on its official tweeter page. It is currently going viral.

The video was compiled by the composer of Tamil Nadu's rock star Anirudh on his Twitter page, posting a wonderful dance to the leader's Marana Mass song, "America's Got Talent."