Many have tried to ruin

The movie Darbar was released worldwide on the 9th January of this year starring superstar Rajinikanth in the AR. Murugadoss movie. The movie released on the occasion of the Pongal festival, the film is celebrated all across in India and overseas.

Raghava Lawrence posted on his Twitter account. Rajinikanth's movie Darbar has been said by many friends that movie wont run successfully and in the fans of the movie, one person had put more so plans to flop the movie by sprending negative information's.

He also said that information has been spread on WhatsApp that no one should watch the film. However, the box office collection has meet with a huge successful."You can hide the a leaf inside the hand but not the mountain, Malai da Annamalai da Andavan Namba pakkam Irrukan"