Madhavan-Anushka Nishabdham to have ‘Evaru’ mystery beginning?

Madhavan and Anushka Shetty had shared the screen space together in the movie ‘Rendu’, which was highly raved for their onscreen chemistry. After a long hiatus, they are teaming up for a multi-lingual movie titled ‘Nishabdham’, which is simultaneously getting made in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and English. While everyone is having the first look of this film, we bring you interesting news about the film’s outline. 

It seems that the film is majorly set against the backdrops of foreign country, where the opening shot will be Madhavan found mysteriously dead inside a palace like bungalow. Was he killed by a supernatural force or someone murdered him in narrated in an investigative matter. Anushka Shetty, Shalini Pandey and few more prominent actors are a part of this film, who are all the suspects as well.