After much speculations rounding upon airs and many from the team trying to hide the fact, it is finally confirmed that STR’s Maanadu that was supposed to be directed by Venkat Prabhu is dropped. The news comes officially from none other than producer Suresh Kamatchi. In his official statement, he has mentioned saying, “I am here to share the saddest decision. My brother like STR had given me an opportunity to produce a film for him.

I am really thankful for his gesture of motivating me to produce a film. However, with the time passing by, things shouldn’t end bitterly. I have been someone, who earnestly wants to keep up punctuality and perfection. Despite giving my best try, things haven’t fallen right in places. So, I have no options left other than dropping Maanadu. I am thankful to STR fans for being a great support for me. I assure that Maanadu will be find a dimension with Venkat Prabhu wielding the megaphone and we will make the official announcements soon.”