Loyola College apologises for expo that hurt Hindu sentiments

Loyola College today tendered an apology for the 'insurmountable hurt' caused by an exhibition in its campus that insulted Hinduism, BJP and RSS. In a statement, Dr Kaleeswaran, Coordinator, Art and Literary Unit, LSSS, Loyola College, said, "Loyola College is an institution of excellence that has cherised the plural values and ethos of the country with equal importance to each constituent member of the family where majority of our brethren are from the largest religious group."

He said further: "We do not advocate or support anything that tantamount to disturbing the peace and tranquility of the society that we render our service to." "We are deeply pained and equally anguished that the venue to conduct a cultural event, Veethi Virundhu Vizha, held on 19th and 20th Jan 2019, has been misused, our illustrious and pluralistic campus was used for derogative exhibits against a particular religious group, social institution, political party and the country's leadership," he added.

"We would like to reiterate that we have immediately removed the exhibits the moment it was brought to our notice," he said and concluded: "We acknowledge our lapse and sincerely apologize for the insurmountable hurt this has caused."

Earlier, various groups including BJP national secretary H Raja condemned the exhibition. The sixth Veedi Viruthu Vizha, a two-day event, began at 9 am on January 19, and continued till January 20, with traditional folk artistes performing through the night with no breaks.