Lovers Tuesday - Poove Unakkaga magic repeats in Love Today

Romance is an integral part of life. Tamil cinema is incomplete without love. Movies on this genre have never failed to make it big. From MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar till Sivakarthikeyan, romance has been the pet theme of heroes. We at Thandora Times takes a look about love in Tamil cinema in different angles and perseptions every Tuesday. This week we begin with Vijay's two big romantic entertainers that struck a chord with the masses.

They spoke love from different angle. And interestingly it ended up as most talked about among youngsters then. The movies that we are going to talk about this week are Poove Unakkaga and Love Today. The first biggest hit of Vijay career was Poove Unakkaga. A romantic film it was directed by Vikraman. The movie was about a youngster desperately head in heels over a girl. But the girl has other interest. But so genuine in his live, Vijay gears up to fulfill his lover's wish. He even rejects a proposal that comes his way. A love rejected ended up reaching audience well.

Then came Love Today, another love story from Vijay. It was directed by Balasekaran. It is all about Vijay desperately running behind a girl, played by Suvalakshmi. All his attempts to woo her ends in vain. Finally when she realizes the sacrifice that Vijay made to win her heart, she proposes to him. But waited long, Vijay realises he has another life and rejects the same. He moves in a different direction in his life. Another live rejected story that made it big.