Kohli's advice to youngsters

After scoring a splendid 94 to help India win T20 against West indies, Kohli had a word of advice for youngsters.

He said, 'All the young batsmen watching don't follow the first half of my innings. That was really bad and I was trying to hit too hard (smiles). It was just about keeping up to the game because I didn't want to put KL (Rahul) under pressure, so tried to strike at 140 at least, but I couldn't get going properly. But I started to get going after that over from Jason. I analysed what went wrong and played accordingly in the second half of my innings.'

'I was trying to hold my shape and realised I am not a slogger, so tried to rely on my timing. Whenever I play T20 cricket I am not someone who comes to the ground to hit the ball in the air to entertain the crowd. I focus on doing the job. Our strength as a team is to strike in the latter half of the innings'.