Kim Jong Un reaches China, important decisions to be taken

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his entourage had arrived in the Chinese capital. Kim has reached China at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping.  It is expected that the two leaders would take some important decisions after discussions. Kim will be in China until 10 January with his wife Ri Sol-ju, said reports from state media. Recently, reports stated that negotiations are under way for a second summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump. The two met last June, the first such meeting for a sitting US president.

Both countries media confirmed the visit on Tuesday morning, and Kim's distinctive green and yellow train arrived at a station in Beijing on Tuesday morning. The train, the same one used during Kim's first visit to China, resembles the one used by his father Kim Jong-il during his visits to China and Russia in 2011. A motorcade with heavy security was later seen driving through Beijing.

China is an important diplomatic ally for North Korea, and one of its main sources of trade and aid. Kim, unusually, did not meet Xi for the first six years of his leadership of North Korea. But last year, he visited China three times. None of the trips was announced in advance, added reports.