Kejriwal: It’s a revolution in Punjab, will spread to all parts of country

Hailing his party’s decisive win in the Punjab assembly polls, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said “revolution” first happened in Delhi, then in Punjab and will now happen all over the country. The people of the state with their huge mandate have also said that Kejriwal is not a terrorist, he said, referring to former AAP leader Kumar Vishwas’ allegation that Kejriwal is “ready to take support” from separatist elements in Punjab to become the state’s chief minister.

Addressing AAP workers and leaders at its headquarters here, Kejriwal said the people of Punjab have given a huge mandate to the party even though “huge conspiracies” were hatched by rivals to stop it from winning the polls.

“All of them (political parties) came together and said Kejriwal is a terrorist. Today, through these (poll) results, people have said Kejriwal is not a terrorist, Kejriwal is a true son of India, a truepatriot. People have announced the results. They said it’s not Kejriwal but you all are terrorists plundering the country,” the AAP chief said.