Kavin’s comeback – Bigg Boss contestants in shock and surprise

As the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is gearing up for completion in next couple of weeks, there has been really tougher scenario for everyone inside the house. The Ticket to Grand Finale contest is going on throughout this week, where Kavin actually scored very low comparatively with other contestants. However, he turned everyone’s attention in last night show with a tremendous effort.  There was a particular game, where the contestants had to balance a see-saw like table on single leg.

While Cheran, Sandy, Sherin and Tharshan gave up in early stages, it was Losliya who landed up at No. 3 position. What was more surprising is that Kavin managed to retain the balance on single leg for 26 minutes followed by Mugen, being the winner with 27 minutes. It was indeed a mixed feeling of shock and surprise to everyone in the Bigg Boss House as they didn’t expect such a comeback from Kavin.