Karti Chidambaram shared misleading fake images of Prime Minister Modi

Congress MP Karti Chidambaram shared a photo of Prime Minister Modi regarding cleaning the Mamallapuram beach, which was taken 14 years ago in Scotland.

Prime Minister Modi and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping met last week in Mamallapuram next to Chennai. Next day Prime Minister Modi, who was staying in Kovalam, walking on the Mamallapuram beach early in the morning.

A video of Modi scrapping the garbage on the beach and cleaning it with his hands became viral on the internet. Karti Chidambaram shared a image of camera crew which is ready to shoot the cleaning process done by Modi. It became viral on the internet and PM Modi has been teased by the photo of camera crew. 

Since many people have retweeted the photo, the study was carried out to ascertain its authenticity. As per the result it's proven that the picture shared by Karthi Chidambaram about PM Modi was fake and was taken 14 years ago in Scotland.