Karthigai Deepam Festival 2019- Day 7

The Saiva cult is a world phenomenon. Thiruvannamalai is the capital of Saivism. The South Indian deity Siva is the God of all countries. Annamalaiannal is the most sacred of the names of the manifestation of Lord Siva.

In most of the holy places the Deity is found atop the hill. But here the Holy hill itself is the Deity (Lord Annamalaiyar) and is worshipped. "Arunam" means sun and denotes the red colour of fire. "Asalam" means "Giri" or "malai" (mountain).

The 7th Day Festival before Karthigai Deepam PanchaMurthygal wooden Maha Ratham panjamurthigal ratha veethi ulaa held in Thiruvannamalai.