Job Placement Training on behalf of Alayam Trust in Coimbatore

Various support programs were brought to the public on behalf of the Alayam Trust in the Coimbatore metropolitan area.

Anemia camps for school children, a psychological training camp for women's self-help group, food, clothing and educational assistance for orphaned children are done by Alayam Trust said Sharmila Chandra Sekar founder of Alayam Trust.

Also, a cleanup program called Operation Green Up, Vadavalli Vallalar Nagar, Arun Nagar area parks have been upgraded and maintained.

In this manner, the youth of the Coimbatore Municipality are now being given free cell phone repair, vehicle repair and medical equipment repair training. 

Sharmila Chandra Shekhar, the founder of the Alayam Foundation, said that not only with training but also with qualified employment opportunities for the trainees.

Sharmila said that the Alayam Trust is making a significant contribution to the welfare of the people and that more people are expected to benefit from the People's Assistance Scheme, Employment and Capacity Building programs.