Jiiva breaks the reason why his father rejected Rajinikanth’s offer twice

Actor Jiiva wasn’t seen with any big releases over the past couple of years. Apparently, the actor is now back with sensational news. While his last week release ‘Seeru’ is reported of having made a decent run, the team had celebrated a success meet recently. 

With the actor awaiting the release of ‘Kalatththil Sandhipoam’ and Pan-Indian movie ‘83’, the actor had recently opened up on why his father RB Choudary hasn’t produced any movies for Superstar Rajinikanth. 

It seems that the actor had approached RB Choudary to produce movies for him twice. However, Choudary had a predetermined mindset, he doesn’t want to produce it as the terms and conditions would be different in all aspects. However, the actor is also keenly looking up with curiosity that both of them should collaborate soon.