Jai Bhim filmmaker expresses regret on calendar scene

Suriya starrer flick 'Jai Bhim' director Tha Se Gnanavel on Sunday said there was absolutely no intention of hurting any particular community and expressed regret to those who were offended. Jai Bhim' that was released on November 1 in languages including Tamil and Telugu kicked up a row in Tamil Nadu with the Vanniyar Sangam and members of the community alleging that it had portrayed them in bad light. The movie was released in OTT platform Amazon-Prime Video.

Emphasising that there was not even a ''wee little bit of thought to cause affront to any individual or a community,'' in the making of the film, Gnanavel said, ''I convey my heartfelt regret to those offended and anguished.'' The film director also expressed regret for the difficulty caused to Suriya in the wake of the controversy, who is the lead actor and Jai Bhim producer.