Jaggi Vasudev launches special campaign to free Hindu temples from govt

Sadhguru launched a ‘100 tweets’ Twitter campaign on Wednesday to bring people’s attention to the dilapidated condition of temples in Tamil Nadu. Soon after, several people tweeted in support of the ‘Free Tamil Nadu’s Temples’ campaign.

In a strong statement to the political parties and the government in the state, Sadhguru said in his tweet: “#FreeTNTemples a Movement born of deep Anguish. Today I am putting 100 tweets, not to browbeat anybody, but just out of deep pain. Anguished cry of the community must be heard.”

Due to the unfortunate legacy that the East India Company left us with, the Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu continue to be in the control of the government. This has led to the deterioration and suffocation of glorious Tamil traditions. The HR&CE (Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department), which holds 44,121 temples in the state, told the Madras High Court that 11,999 temples have no revenue to perform even one daily puja.