Its Governor decision to release Rajiv Gandhi murder convicts

Murugan, Shantan, Perarivalan, Nalini, Ravichandran, Robert Paus and Jayakumar have been jailed for the last 28 years in the murder of former Prime Minister Rajiv. The Supreme Court has ordered the Tamil Nadu government to decide on their release. Subsequently, a resolution was passed in the Assembly demanding the release of them and sent to the Governor. Due to the decision of the governor, seven people have been released.

In this case, Nalini filed an affidavit in the Madras High Court saying that she was illegally imprisoned even after the government's decision. So she requested the court to allow her to appear in court and to get release order.

In a petition filed on behalf of the Union Home Ministry, the governor's decision on the release of seven persons in Rajiv's murder case could be decided. The governor can freely decide on a pardon. The Tamil Nadu government's recommendation for the release of seven persons, including Nalini, has been rejected in 2018. Nalini, who is in illegal custody, is not entitled to a plea deal. Subsequently, the High Court adjourned the case till February 12.