Is Vijay TV promoting Kavin-Losliya for sake of ‘Saravanan Meenachi’ new series?

In any format – Big Brother or Bigg Boss across the Indian country, it happens that there are lots of tough challenges imposed upon the contestants. Yes, there have been love stories, friendships and few breakups too. However, it is now seen that the love equation between Kavin and Losliya is dominating a lot when compared to other elements. In fact, they have been admired by the teen groups, who don’t want to get them separated and are constantly saving them every week despite getting nominated.

Even during the last night show, when Cheran directly pointed out Kavin’s mistake on forcing Losliya to propose him. In contrast, Cheran was trolled for this, which shows that audiences actually love Kavin-Losliya romance. Now, here is something more surprising as it is said that Vijay TV has been intentionally focusing more on Kavin-Losliya as they plan to immediately start “Saravanan Meenachi” serial after Bigg Boss with them. It is noteworthy that Vijay TV has terribly lost its TRP when it comes to TV serials. On the other hand, the satellite channel has so far created a huge hype for bringing in beautiful chemistry between lead pairs, which was evident in Office, Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai followed by both Saravanan Meenachi.

Especially, the latter one has been the biggest USP as both the lead actors in two different seasons – Mirchi Senthil-Sreeja and Dinesh-Rakshitha. Now with a similar scenario prevalent with Kavin-Losliya, Vijay TV wants to get benefitted from it.