Is Darbar movie a heavy loss? Online trackers were thrashed by the theater owners

Rajinikanth's recent release, Darbar, which was released across the country in multiple languages for Pongal, seems to have failed to perform as expected in the box office.  The film is reported to have caused extreme losses for many theater owners in various other districts.

Though Darbar was met with mixed reviews, the film was widely regarded as a hit.

Some online trackers have said that the movie Darbar has been a huge failure and the theater owners have told Rajinikanth that they are going to halt Rajinikanth's house due to the loss of Rs 65 crore.

Instead, the theater owners have announced that Darbar had run into wonderful movies and that Darbar had surpassed the profit of the film.

Not only the movie theater owners in Tamil Nadu but also the movie theater owners in Mumbai have been posting on Twitter that Darbar film has been well received one and they have also them not to spread unwanted rumors.