India's Supreme Court issued a historic judgment on women in the army

Indian Supreme Court rejected the stereotypical view that men are always above women. On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered the Indian Army to grant women a permanent commission within three months. Also SC declared that women officers are eligible for command posts.

Senior lawyers, including Meenakshi Lekhi, sued the Supreme Court on the issue of male and female discrimination in the army appointment. She also demanded that women be allowed to appoint high-ranking women.

The Center said during the hearing that male and female female officers can not be treated equally when it came to posts due to their different physical requirements, apart from higher family demands the risks of women being taken as prisoners of war, and concerns about over-exposing female officers to combat situations.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that priority will be given to all factors when formulating policies such as national security and operational efficiency. It is inappropriate to tell the government that it is difficult to admit women as high officials.

Senior lawyers argued that "Women should be given the chance to serve in military service. The government must take a firm decision to eliminate discrimination between the sexes. This should change your attitude towards women. It has nothing to do with the physiological characteristics of women, and their rights. Women can be promoted to higher positions."