Incidences of deadly diseases rising in India: Apollo chief


The Institute of Colorectal Surgery at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai in collaboration with Cleveland clinic, USA and University College London, UK to conduct the 3rd  Apollo International Colorectal Symposium 2019” in Chennai between 22nd – 24th of March 2019. The conference will be a platform to unite specialist from around the globe to share their expertise in Colorectal Cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Colon Cancer is the third most common cancer across the world, accounting for nearly 6, 94, 000 deaths per year worldwide. Out of 1.4 million new cases diagnosed every year, one in three cases of colorectal cancers are found to be localised in the rectum. This symposium congregates the unified spectrum of colorectal cancer, regarding its prevention, analysis, treatment, supportive care, quality-of-life. It includes the use of technologies, both in diagnosis and treatment against colorectal cancer.

Rectal cancer, Anatomical considerations in rectal cancer, Emerging and new technologies available for colorectal surgery and treatment Robotics in Rectal cancer treatment, Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Colon Cancer, Global scenario on the  colorectal disease pattern, Multidisciplinary management of Colorectal Diseases, Colorectal Liver Metastasis Management, Cytoreduction Surgery etc, will be the primary subjects discussed during the two day conference.

Speaking to the media gathering, Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “In India, the incidences of this deadly disease are rising due to sedentary lifestyle and associated dietary habits resulting in more number of people being diagnosed with the disease at an earlier age. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about colorectal cancer. Colon cancer has a strong genetic predisposition, hence, preventive care is recommended to identify the threat much earlier and increase the scope of getting it treated successfully. “

Dr. Venkatesh Munikrishnan, Colorectal & Gastrointestinal Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals said, “More than 450 colorectal procedures are done every year with a major focus on management of colorectal diseases. Colorectal cancers are completely curable on early detection, with improved techniques and new surgical approaches. New less invasive surgical techniques are performed at Apollo Hospitals for the treatment of Colon Cancer and we are seeing excellent results. Apollo Institute of Colorectal Surgery focuses on preventive methods and screening programmes.  Changing to healthy food habits with high fiber and regular exercise might help in bringing down the occurrence. This conference will provide an international platform to discuss the present and future challenges in treating genetical and immunological disorders, symptoms & analysis of colorectal cancer. ”

The International Colorectal Symposium scheduled on the 22nd to 24th of March 2019 will be a platform to over ---- Delegates, Surgeons, Phycisians, Nurses and other healthcare professionals for exchanging innovative thoughts and development in the field of Colorectal Surgery and Cancer.   It will host international surgeons and physicians including Prof. Steven Wexner Chairman of Colorectal Surgery, Director- Digestive Disease Center,University College,UK,  Prof. Antonio M Lacy Spain, Chief of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Department Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain President of AIS Channel,  Dr. Manish Chand involved in the multidisciplinary management of colorectal diseases.