IIT Kanpur study says '4th Covid-19 wave to hit in July'

After IIT-Kanpur study predicted that a fourth Covid-19 wave will hit in July this year, the Centre on Thursday (March 3) said it is yet to examine whether the report has scientific worth or not.
Addressing a press conference in Delhi, NITI Aayog Member (Health) VK Paul said that the government views the IIT Kanpur study with respect as it is produced by eminent people. 

“...It has been our endeavour to look at science of the pandemic, its epidemiology, trend and virology. All projections are based on data and assumptions and we have seen divergent estimates from time to time. They are sometimes so divergent that decisions based on just a set of projections will be very unsafe for the society. The government looks at these estimates with due respect because these are scientific works produced by eminent people," PTI quoted him as saying.