If I come back Tamil Nadu will tremble - Captain Vijayakanth announced

D.M.D.K leader Captain Vijayakanth says that he will return to full health soon. As a part of Pongal celebration 101 pots of Pongal were made on behalf of D.M.D.K in Korattur, Chennai.

Speaking to the party members at the event, Pongal gifts, including saree, Vesti and etc were given as a part celebration and Vijayakanth said, "The first God is my part members who prayed for me."

D.M.D.K Treasurer Premalatha Vijayakanth, who continues to support the Citizenship Amendment Act, said that India is a Hindus country and minorities just live with us. She also said that her party had won a significant number of seats in the Rural Local Government elections and thus this their signifies their start in the Tamil Nadu politics.

She also urged the party members to work vigorously to win additional seats in the coming urban local elections.