I canceled my marriage to become successful- Actress Rashmika

Rashmika is currently starring opposite Karthi in the upcoming film titled 'Sultan'. She is also doing movies as a leading actress in Telugu Kannada. She and Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty have already gotten engaged but she broke the relationship even before marriage. Regarding this Rashmika explained that,

“I got engaged to Kannada actor and producer Rakshit Shetty. I wanted to have my husband who was not in the film industry. But Rakshit was different. We decided to get married because of my love for him. We decided to wait 2 years for the wedding if we wanted to become successful in both of our professionals.

But after 2 years, my chances for acting were too much. Getting married can be like making trouble for producers. So I have canceled the marriage” said Rashmika.