Hyundai to test run fully autonomous car next year

Hyundai Motor said on Thursday it will carry out a test-run of a Level-4 autonomous vehicle here in the first half of next year, as it pushes to get an edge in the future mobility market.South Korea's top automaker unveiled the plan during the 2021 'Seoul Mobility Show' this week to start the test-run of the RoboRide service using its Level 4 self-driving vehicle on streets in a designated zone in the downtown capital.A Level 4 autonomous vehicle means the car can operate almost independently with little intervention or control by the human driver.

It is designed to handle unexpected situations, like a system failure, although the human driver can still take back the wheel manually. The planned operation will help verify and further advance the self-driving technology, Hyundai said. It also unveiled the rendering of the autonomous vehicle, which will be made based on its electric IONIQ SUV model, reports Yonhap news agency.