Humour Monday : Ullathai Allitha started as noon show & ended as silver jubilee film

Humour and filmmaker Sundar C are inseparable. Almost all his films except Anbae Sivam had humour quotient. And call it a successful journey that certainly began with Ullathai Allitha. The Sundar C directorial released in January 1996 is a film to recon with in his career. Oozing with fun and laughter, it saw Goundamani and Senthil at their best. When the movie hit the screens initially, it ran for just noon show in a popular theatre.

However after it crossed 100 days, it got all four shows only to see a stupendous 235 day run. Karthik, Goundamani at their best in tandem evoking laughter. Rambha 's glamourous act won her huge fan base. The comedy is best remembered forever even today.

The swapping of places by Karthik and Goundamani was written in a most comical way. It set the tone for many comical fare from Sundar C stable. Even the likes of Manivannan, Jaiganesh, Pandu excelled in comedy. Ullathai Allitha no doubt swept the hearts of all.