Human Rights Commission sued the school authority for beating the child for not doing the homework

Karthik (age 13), a student from  Pallikaranai which is next to Chennai, was studying in 8th grade at Medavakam Government High School. A Tamil teacher from Karthik school has hit on the back of the head by an iron scale, as he did not do his homework.

Due to this, his left eye has been affected. Following this, the student was admitted to the Egmore Eye Hospital. There his eyesight was not fixed so he was later admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai for further treatment.

State Human Rights Commission Judge Durai Jayachandran took up the case as a "suo moto".

In the order issued by the judge, what action has been taken by the school department statewide to prevent school children from being physically assaulted for reasons such as homework? What action was taken against the teacher who attacked the student? Is there any compensation on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu for the student suffering from vision? The Principal Secretary and the Director of the School Department should submit a detailed report within 2 weeks.