Huge demand for citizenship in Kailasa, says Nithiyananda

'There is a huge demand from people to get Kailasa citizenship,' claimed Nithyananda, the controversial self-styled godman in a latest Facebook video and added that he would announce the implementation possibilities of Kailaasa country on Karthikai Deepam (today).

According to him, e-mails flooded about queries of becoming a citizen of the alleged country. Nithyananda appealed that he would reply to their questions over time and thanked the ones who have come forward to donate lands.

'A few countries, I do not wish to reveal the particulars, have approached me directly to form Kailaasa country. We will soon work out with them towards establishing the new country and I will inform as soon as it happens,' Nithyananda said.  

In another video that he released, Nithyananda claimed that Kailasa is not a land or territory but calls it a cosmos in the universe. 'The country has gained popularity due to the memes and the creators. I do not know if they are noble or otherwise, but they work for the money they get,' he said.