Hip Hop Adhi happy about working in Anbarivu

Anbarivu is all set to hit the screens on 7 January in Disney Hotstar. Aswin Ram’s debut directorial features the story of two brothers separated at birth and raises the question, can twins, parted during their childhood due to family differences and political power play, be reunited as adults and be able to bring together a broken family? With a star cast led by Hiphop Tamizha Adhi and featuring veteran actor Napoleon in a pivotal role, Anbarivu is a uniquely crafted story that spans across three generations, their fiery dynamics and the fact that they are all tied by fate. Here are a few reasons why you need to watch Anbarivu:

Vidharth, Kashmira Pardeshi, Asha Sharath, Saikumar, Renuka, and KPY Dheena form part of the cast. Hiphop Tamizha Adhi is also the music director for the movie. Aswin Raam said, 'This is my debut movie, and we have created this movie as a team to entertain family audiences. The same team that was associated with me in my music album has worked in this film. There is a good message in this film, and it has been delivered through an entertaining screenplay.

In fact, the message can be felt significantly relevant with the title. Initially, we had the title ‘Anbe Arivu’ that was later modified into ‘Anbarivu’. We have already heard many comments that the film has a time-worn plot. Of course, the story might have traces of few films, but there are few surprise elements in the film that will definitely impress the audience.' Actor Hiphop Adhi said, 'The film has lots of fun and more entertainment tailor-made for the family audiences.

This is the first-ever time; I am a part of a big-budget film with a bigger star-cast comprising eminent stars like Napoleon sir, Viddarth sir, and many others. We have created a classic story, especially for the family audiences to celebrate. Director Aswin Raam’s intention was to make a family story with musical elements and has excelled very well with it. Aswin Raam embarked on his directorial venture after being a great music artist and having 13 years of great experience.

He has directed this film as an experienced filmmaker. I request everyone to support his new venture as a director. The story has few similarities with MGR movies and few more classical hits, but with a different approach.  In this contemporary world of heavy rush, the most intelligent way to live is to spread love, and we have tried emphasizing this message in this film.'