Heartbreaking video of a kid requesting his mom to give a knife to commit suicide

Yarraka Bayles is a woman from Brisbane, Australia. His 9-year-old son, Quaden Bayles, has a disease that causes poor physical growth(dwarfism).

Due to the desperate appearance, Quaden is constantly bullied and mocked at school by fellow students. That made him very depressed.

Quaden cried out to his mother, telling her that, he didn't want to live and asking for a weapon, like a knife to commit suicide.

Breaking down with tears, Yarraka posted a video of her crying son on her facebook page to pay attention to the Quaden hanging rope to raise the world's awareness of the devastating effects of bullying.

This video shortly became viral on the social media platform. Following this, Yarraka and Quaden were overwhelmed by the supportive comments.

In addition, the video has been shared on other social platforms, including Twitter, with supporters of the quartet voicing the video.