'He had sexually abused me for four times!- Karthaavinde Nammaththil

Last year, a nun complained that Franco Mulaikkal, the Bishop of Jalandhar in the Syro-Malabar Church of Kerala, had sexually abused her from 2014 to 2016.

Bishop Franco, who was arrested on the complaint, was later released on bail. Kuriakos Katutara, a priest who testified against Franco in that case, died mysteriously in October last year.
Subsequently, there was continued reprisal of the nuns who fought for “severe action against Bishop Franco”. First, the council ordered the transfer of the nun Anupama.

The nun, Lucy Kalapura, who was actively involved in the fight against the bishop, was ousted last May. In addition, the nun Lucy was forced to leave the congregation on several occasions. Following this, Lucy Kalupura revealed some things about the congregation in the media.

In the meantime, journalist Ramadas has written a book entitled 'Karthaavinde Nammaththil' about the nun Lucy Kalapura. In it, the nun Lucy Kalapura describes the pain she has gone through. In the book, Lucy Kalupura stated, “A priest tried to rape me four times". He entered the monastery under the guise of being a spectator and gave this trouble. The baby was born to a nun in the monastery. In it, the congregation saved the concerned priests.

The infant nun left the monastery and went home. But the clergyman responsible for it is now in high office. Nun Lucy, who described the trauma, said, "The priest who was in a sex case was in contact with several nuns."

We need to change existing practices. The church should allow priests and nuns who are willing to marry and live. In addition, Lucy has cited several incidents involving Bishop Franco, who was embroiled in a sex case. The book 'Karthaavinde Nammaththil' has caused great controversy in Kerala.