Give special attention to vulnerable tribes : TN Governor

Stating that among the tribes of Nilgiris, which constitute nearly 5 per cent of the Nilgiris district’s population, 6groups find special mention as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Communities, Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit has said it is necessary to ensure that these vulnerable tribes are given special attention to ensure smoothmerger with the mainstream population. He was speaking at Conference on Tribal YouthEmpowerment & Entrepreneurship, 102nd Birthday Celebration Of Nawa Founder Padmashri Dr S Narasimhan and Exhibition on 62 years of Nawa at Resource Centre for Tribal Culture (RCTC), Udhagamandalam.

He said the six groups are the TODAs, a pastoral community, KOTAs, a community traditionally engaged in carpentry andblacksmithy, IRULAs, who are traditionally collectors of minor forest products and are now engaged in agriculture work involving tea, coffee, spices etc., KURUMBAs, traditionally Healers and honey hunters, PANIYAs, who are mainly engaged in agriculture and KATTUNAIKAs who are traditional forest dwellers and familiar with wildlife forest trails etc.

"Many are the organisations and personalities who are working hard to ensure that this becomes a reality. I am happy that NAWA has started the practice of honouring such individuals who have contributed in a large measure for tribal upliftment," he added.