Humour Monday : Ayiram rendayiram is an emotion

Humour is indispensible part of Tamil cinema. No movie is complete without good comedy. Tamil cinema had seen seasoned comedians who made a name for themselves from NS Krishnan till Yogi Babu. This Comedy Monday, we will take a look at the epic comedy lines fom Pandiarajan starrer Oorai Therinjukitten. Say the name, the comedy sequence of a royal chair being auctioned will come to our mind.

The bidders will be mentally-deranged and those trained by Pandiaraj and Senthil to utter Rendayiram, Nalayiram, Pimpilikki Pilapi. The man who conducts auction played by Payilvan Ranganathan will go bonkers. This is so popular that even during elections, this has been used as memes by many. Pandiaraj had always ensured that there is an unique comedy element in his movies and brought them out to perfection from Aan Pavam.

Oorai Therinjukitten is a movie to recon with in his career. Released in 1988, the movie was directed by G Sekaran. Pandiarajan and Senthil combo brought the roof down with their comedy punchlines. Pallavi played the heroine. Gangai Amaran scored music.