From Mani Ratnam to Saran – 5 films of Kamal Haasan that didn’t take off

The Ulaganayagan celebrates his 66th birthday and we at Thandora Times bring you an exclusive look into some of his promising films that were about to take off, but dropped on the spur of moment. 

A big-budgeted movie with Mani Ratnam 

When Tamil cinema was going through the stereotypical phase of making limited budgeted movies, Kamal Haasan’s Vikram became the first ever Tamil movie to cross the budget of Rs. 1Cr during the 80s. The film based on the novel ‘VIKRAM’ written by Late Sujatha was initially supposed to be directed by Mani Ratnam. However, it didn’t happen and director-actor Rajashekar took over the directorial task. 

Shankar’s Robot 

Everyone knows about this mega-budgeted movie, which was supposed to bring the collaboration of Kamal Haasan-Shankar-Sujatha collaboration. The director-actor had already delivered big hit ‘Indian’ and this had raised the expectations. The photo shoot featuring Kamal Haasan in dual roles with Preity Zinta in female lead made a tremendous impact. However, the project was dropped after sometime and 10 years later, became ‘Endhiran’ with Superstar Rajinikanth in lead role. 

Triple action role with P Vasu

Soon after the grand success of Chandramukhi, P Vasu was initially supposed to sign Kamal Haasan for a film featuring him in triple action roles. However, Kamal Haasan couldn’t take up the project as he already got committed to Dasavatharam, where he had to play 10 roles. 

A Mass-Commercial Entertainer with Saran 

Following the grand success of Vasool Raja MBBS, director Saran and Kamal Haasan were supposed to come together again for a commercial entertainer. Nonetheless, both had some difference of opinions pertaining to the production issues and gradually parted way. 

The epical Maruthanayagam 

This project has been one among the much awaited films in the Indian movie industry and it still remains as a dream for zillions here. Hope it comes true soon!!!