From Kadhal Kottai to Maara – The Journey of finding True Love

The journey isn’t about making plan trips, but the journey within. Here are some of the Tamil industry’s most fascinating love stories. We bring this as a tribute to Madhavan-Shraddha Srinath starrer ‘Maara’, which is getting premiered tonight (January 8, 12 a.m.) on Amazon Prime Video. 

Kadhal Kottai – We do find that the soulmates have already met, but they don’t recognize each other until the final shot. It kept us emotionally glued to the film and the entire experience was so blissful. 

Jey Jey – Madhavan plays a charming youngster, who falls for Jamuna. It’s love at first sight. She sets him up a challenge of bringing ‘Destiny’ as the major factor. 

Mounam Pesiyathey – In this film, the hero thinks that he has already found his love, but then there comes a revelation by the end that his ladylove is someone watching him like an angel from behind. 

Thullaadha Manamum Thullum – The film doesn’t have a physical journey, but a travel within, the journey of misconceptions splitting away the good hearts and later bringing them together. 

Maara – Almost everyone would have watched the film ‘Charlie’ by now. It is going to be a loveable movie here as ‘MAARA’. The script has been modified completely and it’s gonna offer an exquisitely beautiful experience for the audiences.