From Kaakha Kaakha first shot to Late Former CM Jayalalitha - Best 5 best moments in Suriya-Jyotika love story

Today (September 11) before 13 years, Suriya and Jyotika entered wedlock and it was observed as the best ever love story in real life, where from teenagers to elders were in awe of this beautiful couple coming together. It’s been 13 years and still, they remain as the ever greatest love story. We at Thandora Times on this celebratory occasion bring you 5 important moments in their journey of falling for each other and getting hitched.

1. Jyotika’s concern for Suriya during the first shot of Kaakha Kaakha

It is reported that Jyotika was the first one to recommend Suriya for Kaakha Kaakha and then he got onboard as Gautham Vasudev Menon watched ‘Nandha’, which made him much more comfortable on signing him. The first shot where Suriya is seen barged out of the wood house into the sleeping lake was filmed without any dupes. Suriya kept performing it without any break to get the perfect take. Sooner, Jyotika showed up her concern asking him to go for dupe saying, “No one is going to visit you in hospital for your fractured bones and injuries.”

2. When Suriya fell for Jyotika’s motherly nature on shooting spot

In one of the interviews, Suriya had mentioned that he came across a particular incident that made him adore Jyotika. She was having her lunch during break so fast and Suriya had asked her what’s there to hurry. She replied saying, “Only if I can finish fast, my assistants who are hungry can eat fast.” Suriya says that there have been many times, when his mother wouldn’t eat until others in the house have finished their meals and he hadn’t asked her even once in his lifetime whether she had her food.

3. Karthi’s first meeting with Jyotika

In one of his interactions with media channels, Karthi had mentioned that the first meeting with his ‘Anni’ sister-in-law was surprise. Suriya invited his younger brother to Mayajaal and Jyotika came suddenly from the back of a car and greeted him. This is how the family bonding bloomed.

4. Laila – Being the mutual friend to Suriya and Jyotika

Laila was actually the common friend to both Suriya and Jyotika. She would tell that Suriya’s performance in films got better and bigger from one film to the other and that’s all because of his ‘Love Life’ getting splendid day to day. She shares a fabulous relationship with Jyotika as well.

5. When Late TN CM J Jayalalitha asked Sivakumar to get Suriya and Jyotika married soon

This was the biggest of all cherishing moments, especially for Suriya-Jyotika. The Late Former CM J Jayalalitha graced over the occasion of Suriya’s younger sister Brindha marriage. While getting back, she seemingly asked Suriya, when is his marriage and he hilariously said, “Appa is not giving his permission. Waiting for his permission,” and immediately she smilingly told, “Sivakumar, why aren’t you giving them permission. Get it done soon.” It is worth mentioning that Sivakumar and late Former TN CM J Jayalalitha have shared a brother-sister bonding across the years.