Friends forever: Rajini & Kamal

At the Kamal Haasan's Ungal Nan 60, the friendship between Kamal and Rajinikanth was the major highlight. They came close some 40 years ago and their bond has gone stronger.

It was visible when Rajini spoke. He said, Coming from a reputed family, when Kamal worked in saloons and as dance assistant, one can only imagine the mental stress it may have created for him and in his father's mind when his family found out. He is my good friend forever'.

Kamal who then came up on stage added to Rajini's request to fans. 'Everyone should reflect our friendship. Love is the only truth and we will remain it's identity. We don't know what future holds. Yesterday and today has given us a beautiful friendship. Our acting styles have been different and so our idealogies too will be different. We have protected our friendship for 44 years we would continue to do so in future as well'.

There was thunderous applause when they spoke about the friendship.