Fresh terror attacks to happen in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan security agencies, including the army, have warned of a new wave of terror attacks in the island nation including a ploy to target bridges in capital Colombo as explosives have been unearthed and key conspirators of Easter Bombings remain untraced so far. The devastating Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka were locally planned and executed, without direct guidance from the Islamic State militant group, investigators said.

Sri Lanka military spokesman Brig. Sumith Atapattu says a police curfew has been imposed in Negombo, a seaside town outside the capital, Colombo, after several people were injured in the first reported clash since the Easter bombings two weeks ago that killed more than 250 people. Sri Lanka Army’s chief has said some of the suicide bombers who carried out the country’s worst terror attack on Easter Sunday last month had visited Kashmir and Kerala for “some sorts of training” or to “make some more links” with other foreign outfits.